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  • To gain insight into the organizational strategies underlying this discriminatory capacity, we have examined the spatial distribution of odorant receptor RNAs in the mouse olfactory epithelium [11].
  • Using an atomic-scale electron beam, we have observed the spatial distribution of the extra electron on the titanium sites [12].
  • The ionic mechanism of these NMDA spikes may allow 'dynamic spike-initiation zones', set by the spatial distribution of glutamate pre-bound to NMDA receptors, which in turn would depend on recent and ongoing activity in the cortical network [13].
  • In addition, our research shows that ingestion of even trace quantities of cadmium can influence not only the physiology and health of individual organisms, but also the demographics and the distribution of species [14].
  • The RCK4 inactivation peptide (RCK4-IP) shows a similar spatial distribution of charged and uncharged regions, but is more flexible and less ordered in its amino-terminal part [15].

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  • In addition to information pertaining to demographics, pretransplant medical history, rejection episodes, drug doses, renal function, and blood glucose levels, data on dietary intake and body weight were collected and plasma lipid levels were measured at the time of record review [16].
  • The high-risk individual strategy for prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) can result in impressive declines in cholesterol, but the benefits will be concentrated at the upper end of the population distribution [17].
  • Patient demographics and clinical characteristics were then evaluated to determine whether metformin was prescribed to patients possessing any of the risk factors associated with development of lactic acidosis [18].
  • Data were extracted on the study type, subject demographics, methods for matching control subjects with case patients, whether an objective method was used to diagnose VTE, and whether other causes of thrombophilia and elevated Hcy levels were considered [19].
  • RESULTS: The 2 groups were comparable in demographics, body weight, plasma drug concentration, and behavioral and CORT responses [20].

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