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Titanium for removable denture bases.

The aim of the present study was to compare titanium-base and resin-base maxillary complete dentures. In 13 patients with a maxillary complete denture with a titanium base (group I) and in 12 patients with a maxillary complete denture with a resin base (group II), the (a) patient's adaptation to the denture, (b) denture retention and (c) appearance of the mucosa under the denture were evaluated. In all cases, the adaptation was assessed with a questionnaire, while the retention and the appearance of the mucosa were assessed by clinical examination. None of the three measures considered (adaptation, retention and mucosa appearance) differed significantly between patients with titanium-base dentures and patients with resin-base dentures. Titanium bases are suitable for dentures likely to be subject to severe mechanical stresses (as in the case of maxillary complete dentures opposing natural teeth), and in patients who show hypersensitivity responses to other materials.[1]


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