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Iniencephaly: prenatal diagnosis and management.

Iniencephaly is a rare malformation characterized by the triad of occipital bone defect, cervical dysraphism and fixed retroflexion of the fetal head. Because of its almost invariable lethal prognosis, termination of pregnancy is commonplace when this condition is diagnosed before viability. In this report we describe eight cases of iniencephaly prenatally diagnosed by ultrasound between 18 and 28 weeks of gestation and discuss the subsequent obstetric management in a country where elective abortion is illegal. Prenatal karyotyping was performed in seven cases, revealing a normal complement in all fetuses. One pregnancy miscarried at 24 weeks. Uneventful vaginal delivery was accomplished in six of the remaining seven cases, one delivered spontaneously at 29 weeks and five were induced between 28-32 weeks due to increasing polyhydramnios. In the remaining case the pregnancy progressed to 35 weeks, at which time spontaneous labour began and an emergency Caesarean section was performed because of malpresentation. There were no survivors in this series. We conclude that, in countries were elective abortion is not allowed, women carrying an iniencephalic fetus may benefit from preterm induction of labour in order to avoid labour dystocia, maternal trauma during delivery and the risks of a Caesarean section.[1]


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