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Expression and biological effects of endothelin-1 in human gonadotropin-releasing hormone-secreting neurons.

In a previous report, we demonstrated that in FNC-B4 cells, derived and characterized from a human fetal olfactory epithelium, both sex steroids and odorants regulate GnRH secretion. We now report the presence and biological activity of endothelin (ET)-1 in this GnRH-secreting neuronal cell. By in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry, we found gene and protein expression of ET-1 and its converting enzyme ECE-1 in both fetal olfactory mucosa and FNC-B4 cells. The presence of authentic ET-1 in the conditioned media of FNC-B4 cells was further supported by combined RIAs and high-performance liquid chromatography studies. Experiments with radiolabeled ET-1 and ET-3 strongly indicated the presence of two classes of binding sites, corresponding to the ETA (16,500 sites/cell) and the ETB receptors (8,700 sites/cell). Functional studies, using selective analogs, indicated that these two classes of receptors subserve distinct functions in human GnRH-secreting cells. The ETA receptor subtype mediated an increase in intracellular calcium and GnRH secretion. Conversely, stimulation of the ETB subtype induced DNA synthesis and mitogen-activated protein kinase p44ERK1 expression. This is the first demonstration, in a human in vitro model, of a neuroendocrine role for ET-1 as regulator of GnRH-secreting neuron activity.[1]


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