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Role of the Bsk/Iyk non-receptor tyrosine kinase for the control of growth and hormone production in RINm5F cells.

Bsk/Iyk, a murine non-receptor-tyrosine kinase which is expressed in fetal and adult islet of Langerhans was previously found to decrease NIH3T3 cell proliferation when expressed as a Y497/504F-mutant. We presently wanted to determine the effects of Bsk/Iyk on the proliferation of insulin producing cells. Cells expressing Bsk/IykY497/504F and Bsk/IykY504F display a decreased proliferation rate and express higher levels of the cell cycle inhibitor p27/Kip1 compared to control cells. These mutants also conferred diminished cell viability in response to INF-gamma and IL-1beta and contain higher levels of glucagon mRNA. Wild-type Bsk/Iyk is mainly localized at the plasma membrane whereas mutant Bsk/Iyk can enter the nucleus. In vitro kinase reactions using an exogenous substrate indicate a complicated mode of regulation of kinase activity by Y497 and Y504 with the latter being homologous to Y527 in pp60c-Src. These findings suggest that Bsk/Iyk might play a role in inhibiting cell proliferation, transducing cytokine-induced cytotoxicity and regulating hormone production of endocrine pancreatic cells.[1]


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