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Gene Review

Gcg  -  glucagon

Mus musculus

Synonyms: GLP-1, Glu, Glucagon, PPG, glucagon-like peptide I
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Disease relevance of Gcg


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Chemical compound and disease context of Gcg


Biological context of Gcg


Anatomical context of Gcg


Associations of Gcg with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Gcg

  • In this report, we show that Pax6 additionally binds the glucagon gene promoter G1-element and forms a transcriptionally active complex with another homeodomain protein, Cdx2/3 [29].
  • Pax6 and Cdx2/3 form a functional complex on the rat glucagon gene promoter G1-element [29].
  • Adenylate cyclase activity and [125I]iodoglucagon binding were measured in the plasma membrane preparations over a wide range of glucagon concentrations [30].

Co-localisations of Gcg


Regulatory relationships of Gcg

  • We show herein that ngn3-positive cells coexpress neither insulin nor glucagon, suggesting that ngn3 marks early precursors of pancreatic endocrine cells [32].
  • However, the absence of PC2 activity in alphaTC-DeltaPC2 leads to a complete block in the production of mature glucagon [33].
  • Somatostatin and glucose both markedly inhibited carbachol-induced glucagon secretion [26].
  • By E18.5 activin B was localized to forming islets where cells coexpressed glucagon and were arranged in the mantle formation characteristic of mature alpha cells [24].
  • In contrast to Pdx 1-deficient mice, the early glucagon-expressing cells do not develop in Raldh2 knockout embryos [34].

Other interactions of Gcg

  • 2. Cells from two different noninsulinoma tumors, when adapted to culture, began to express either insulin, glucagon, or somatostatin [35].
  • Intraperitoneal delivery of 0.5 microg glucagon/h in PC2(-/-) mice resulted in the normalization of blood glucose concentrations [2].
  • Neither PC1 nor PC2 processed glucagon from proglucagon in vitro [36].
  • In contrast, no significant perturbation in the insulin response to perfused glucagon was detected under conditions of low (4.4 mmol/l) or high (16.6 mmol/l) glucose in GLP-1R -/- mice [37].
  • The serum glucagon levels in IR-deficient and nondiabetic littermates were comparable [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gcg


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