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Using healthy life years (HeaLYs) to assess programming needs in a public health unit.

In December 1997, public health units in Ontario received revised mandatory program guidelines from the Ministry of Health in advance of the downloading of public health to municipalities. Public health units face difficult decisions in allocating municipal resources to meet the Province's mandated programs. To set priorities for resource allocation, it is critical to assess need across program areas and to use a common unit in doing so. This paper applies the Healthy Life Years (HeaLYs) method in assessing health need related to the mandatory programs for the population of Wellington and Dufferin counties in Ontario. The HeaLYs method incorporates duration and severity of ill-health, incidence and mortality in calculating years of healthy life lost (YHLL). For Wellington-Dufferin, the leading causes of YHLL were concentrated in the program areas of chronic disease, injury, and substance abuse and included four areas not addressed in the MPG (suicide, depression, dementia, and osteoarthritis).[1]


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