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Resource Allocation

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  • This paper reviews the medical and economic literature pertaining to COPD in order to provide information and perspective for clinicians and those responsible for making payment and resource allocation decisions [16].
  • We then develop a resource-allocation framework for assessing the potential value of pharmacogenomic testing from a population perspective, and apply this framework to the example of testing for variant alleles of CYP2D6, an important drug-metabolizing enzyme [17].
  • Another purpose of the study is to examine whether Barkley's (1997) executive dysfunction or Sergeant et al.'s (1999) resource allocation/arousal model best account for the behavioral deficits associated with ADHD [18].
  • BACKGROUND: Previous work with schizophrenic children disclosed deficits on two continuous performance tests (CPTs) and ERP indices of reduced attentional resource allocation [19].
  • An understanding of the costs and outcomes of high-technology epilepsy care is required to ensure efficient resource allocation [20].


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