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Physical map of the region surrounding the OTOFERLIN locus on chromosome 2p22-p23.

The autosomal recessive form of nonsyndromic deafness DFNB9 has been mapped to a 2-cM region on chromosome 2p22-p23, and the responsible gene, OTOF, has been recently identified by positional cloning combined with a candidate gene approach. In the course of this gene cloning, we established a contig of yeast artificial chromosomes, bacterial artificial chromosomes, and P1 phage artificial chromosomes delimited by polymorphic markers D2S2170 and D2S170, i.e. , extending over approximately 3500 kb. Sixty expressed sequence tags or genes and 14 sequence-tagged sites, 11 of which are polymorphic, were mapped to this contig and assigned to 21 chromosomal intervals.[1]


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