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Sequence Tagged Sites

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  • Most of the 132 Y chromosomal loci mapped were sequence-tagged sites, detected by means of the polymerase chain reaction [4].
  • By using a radiation hybrid cell line panel, the PPNOC gene was mapped to the short arm of human chromosome 8 (8p21), between sequence-tagged site markers WI-5833 and WI-1172, in close proximity of the locus encoding the neurofilament light chain NEFL [5].
  • One of the mini-chromosomes is about 7 Mb in size and sequence-tagged site analysis of this molecule suggests that it corresponds to a simple truncation of the short arm of the Y chromosome [6].
  • Construction of an approximately 4 Mb YAC contig of this region identified multiple sequence tagged sites (STSs) present at both BP2 and BP3, suggestive of a genomic duplication event [7].
  • By sequence-tagged site content analysis and long range mapping we determined that one unstable transgenic line has integrated an approximately 70 kb segment of the AR locus due to fragmentation of the AR YAC [8].

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