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Bacteriophage P1

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Disease relevance of Bacteriophage P1


High impact information on Bacteriophage P1

  • Highly regulated cell type-restricted expression of human renin in mice containing 140- or 160-kilobase pair P1 phage artificial chromosome transgenes [6].
  • To start screening for the molecular variants of RXR beta in OPLL subjects, we first obtained P1 phage genomic clones containing the entire human RXR beta and elucidated the genomic organization of the gene [7].
  • To elucidate the mechanism underlying the regulation of BMP-2 expression, a 6.7 kb SpeI-SalI fragment, from the P1 phage library, encompassing the 5'-flanking region of the human BMP-2 gene, was isolated and sequenced [8].
  • P1 phage was produced by thermal induction from the lysogens of all these kanamycin-resistant bacteria except some strains [9].
  • A P1 phage clone containing the near complete protein coding region of the human histo-blood group ABO gene locus was isolated and characterized [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bacteriophage P1

  • The 3-hydroxybenzoate monooxygenase gene (mhbM) and the maleylpyruvate isomerase gene (mhbI) are 100% co-transducible by P1 phage [11].
  • The P1 phage was used to transfer cya::Tn10 from an E. coli K-12 strain into virulent avian O78 and O2 E. coli isolates [12].
  • The P1 phage replication protein RepA contacts an otherwise inaccessible thymine N3 proton by DNA distortion or base flipping [13].

Biological context of Bacteriophage P1

  • P1 bof lysogens show an increased immunity to superinfecting P1 phage and are affected in their inducibility properties; in the presence of the altered c1-100 repressor, bof product is required for maintenance of lysogeny, as shown by the induction of P1 c1-100 bof-1 lysogens at 30 degrees [14].
  • We have reported that mice transgenic for 140- and 160-kb P1 phage artificial chromosomes (PACs) containing the human renin gene express the gene in a highly tissue-restricted and regulated manner [15].

Gene context of Bacteriophage P1

  • Genetic analyses by Hfr conjugation and P1 phage transduction indicate that the mutation affecting S1 (rpsA) is located close to the serC gene [20 min on the E. coli genetic map of Bachmann et al. (1976)], with a co-transduction frequency of 61% [16].
  • To ascertain whether the two-promoter system is also utilized in the human GATA-2 gene, we isolated and analyzed a P1 phage clone containing this gene [17].
  • On the sequence and function of kil gene of P1 phage [18].


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