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Unilateral macular retinoschisis with stellate foveal appearance in two females with myopia.

Stellate foveal retinoschisis is considered the hallmark of X-linked retinoschisis. We describe the finding of unilateral retinoschisis with stellate foveal appearance in 2 females with myopia who had no evidence of familial disease. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) and fluorescein angiography were obtained in both cases. Neither patient had a family history of low vision, night blindness, or retinal detachment. Visual acuity in the affected eyes was 20/50 and 20/25, respectively. Both fellow eyes had normal fundi, except for mild myopic changes. With OCT, widespread retinal splitting was detected at the posterior pole in the affected eyes, whereas the fellow eyes were normal. In one case, OCT showed that foveal retinoschisis represented the macular involvement of a flat inferior retinoschisis, although this was not clinically apparent. Macular retinoschisis with stellate foveal appearance may rarely be associated with pathologic myopia. OCT was useful to establish the true extension of these macular changes.[1]


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