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FKF1, a clock-controlled gene that regulates the transition to flowering in Arabidopsis.

Plant reproduction requires precise control of flowering in response to environmental cues. We isolated a late-flowering Arabidopsis mutant, fkf1, that is rescued by vemalization or gibberellin treatment. We positionally cloned FKF1, which encodes a novel protein with a PAS domain similar to the flavin-binding region of certain photoreceptors, an F box characteristic of proteins that direct ubiquitin-mediated degradation, and six kelch repeats predicted to fold into a beta propeller. FKF1 mRNA levels oscillate with a circadian rhythm, and deletion of FKF1 alters the waveform of rhythmic expression of two clock-controlled genes, implicating FKF1 in modulating the Arabidopsis circadian clock.[1]


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