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Cross-pathway regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: activation of the proline utilization pathway by Ga14p in vivo.

The Put3p and Gal4p transcriptional activators are members of a distinct class of fungal regulators called the Cys(6) Zn(II)(2) binuclear cluster family. This family includes over 50 different Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteins that share a similar domain organization. Gal4p activates the genes of the galactose utilization pathway permitting the use of galactose as the sole source of carbon and energy. Put3p controls the expression of the proline utilization pathway that allows yeast cells to grow on proline as the sole nitrogen source. We report that Gal4p can activate the PUT structural genes in a strain lacking Put3p. We also show that the activation of PUT2 by Gal4p depends on the presence of the inducer galactose and the Put3p binding site and that activation increases with increased dosage of Gal4p. Put3p cannot activate the GAL genes in the absence of Gal4p. Our in vivo results confirm previously published in vitro data showing that Gal4p is more promiscuous than Put3p in its DNA binding ability. The results also suggest that under appropriate circumstances, Gal4p may be able to function in place of a related family member to activate expression.[1]


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