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Absorption and metabolism of genistin in the isolated rat small intestine.

Uptake and intestinal metabolism of physiologically active genistin were studied in an ex vivo intestinal perfusion model; luminally applied concentrations were 5.9, 12.0, and 23.8 micromol/l. The intestinal absorption of genistin was 14.9% (+/-2.3, n=9), irrespective of the amounts applied. The majority of the absorbed genistin appeared as genistein glucuronide (11.6%), also recovered as the main metabolite on the luminal side (19.5%). Minor amounts of genistin (1.3%) and genistein (1.9%) were found on the vascular side, whereas 15.4% of applied genistin was luminally cleaved to yield genistein. Sulfate derivatives of genistein or genistin were not observed.[1]


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