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Molecular cloning and expression of Tenebrio molitor ultraspiracle during metamorphosis and in vivo induction of its phosphorylation by 20-hydroxyecdysone.

Using a RT-PCR approach, the Tenebrio molitor homologue of Drosophila Ultraspiracle (TmUSP) was characterized. Its DNA binding domain shows a degree of identity with those of the other insect USPs. However, the ligand binding domain is closer to those of retinoid X receptors. Using an antibody raised against DmUSP, Western blot analysis of proteins from epidermis and other tissues revealed five immunoreactive bands, corresponding to different phosphorylated forms of a unique polypeptide, as shown by lambda-phosphatase treatment. The nuclear form of TmUSP seems unphosphorylated. An in vivo 20-hydroxyecdysone treatment increases considerably and rapidly the phosphorylated forms of TmUSP. This post-translational modification may play a role in the 20-hydroxyecdysone response.[1]


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