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Fractured neck of femur in black patients: a prospective study.

We explored the role of iron overload, deficiency of vitamin C and alcohol abuse in the aetiology of cervical and intertrochanteric fractures of the neck of the femur as a result of minor trauma. We studied prospectively 72 patients (45 men, 27 women). Levels of serum iron markers, vitamin C and alcohol markers were measured. Consumption of alcohol was estimated using questionnaires. The findings were compared with those of an age- and gender-matched control group. The mean age of the men was 59.5 years and of the women 66.9 years, with a male predominance. In the men, iron overload, as shown by high levels of serum ferritin (p < 0.001) and deficiency of vitamin C (p < 0.03), as well as abuse of both Western and the traditional type of alcohol, appear to be important aetiological factors. In women, alcohol abuse was also common, but iron markers and levels of vitamin C did not differ significantly from the control group.[1]


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