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Sevoflurane and mivacurium in a patient with Huntington's chorea.

There is little experience of anaesthesia for patients with Huntington's chorea. These patients have an increased risk of intraoperative complications such as pulmonary aspiration. We present the successful anaesthetic management of a 17-yr-old patient suffering from Huntington's chorea requiring urgent appendectomy. After rapid-sequence induction with thiopental 400 mg and succinylcholine 100 mg, anaesthesia was maintained with sevoflurane. For maintenance of neuromuscular blockade mivacurium 10 mg was administered and repeated 15 min later. Except for a short episode of postoperative shivering, the perioperative course was uneventful. Sevoflurane and mivacurium were used safely and effectively in this patient.[1]


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