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oCRF and CRF (6-33) depress food but not water intake in the obese Zucker rat.

It has previously been demonstrated that oCRF and the CRF binding protein inhibitor CRF (6-33) reduce body-weight gain in obese Zucker rats. We investigated whether the reduction in body-weight is attributable to altered feeding and drinking behaviour. Obese Zucker rats were fitted with osmotic mini-pumps connected to i.c.v. cannulas. Vehicle, oCRF (5 microg/day) or CRF (6-33) (25 microg/day) were infused for 7 days and the animals observed for an additional 7 days. Body-weight and food and water-intake were recorded daily at 14.00 h. In agreement with published results, oCRF and CRF (6-33) significantly reduced body-weight gain in the obese Zucker rat. In addition, food intake was reduced, whereas water consumption was unaffected.[1]


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