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Rats, Zucker

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  • Here we show that leptin hyperpolarizes glucose-receptive hypothalamic neurons of lean Sprague-Dawley and Zucker rats, but is ineffective on neurons of obese Zucker (fa/fa) rats [11].
  • To our knowledge, these data provided the first direct measurements of insulin signaling in the vascular tissues, and documented a selective resistance to PI 3-kinase (but not to MAP kinase pathway) in the vascular tissues of obese Zucker rats [12].
  • Troglitazone increases the number of small adipocytes without the change of white adipose tissue mass in obese Zucker rats [13].
  • To study the regulation of apoA-IV gene expression by genetic and nutritional factors, we determined the effect of a fish oil-rich and a sucrose-rich diet on apoA-IV gene transcription and nuclear and total cellular apoA-IV mRNA abundance in livers of genetically obese, hyperlipoproteinemic (fa/fa) Zucker rats and their lean (Fa/-) littermates [14].
  • Leptin failed to affect food intake or body temperature in obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats, which posses a defective leptin receptor [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Rats, Zucker

  • Results suggest that pyruvate consumption reduced the weight gain and food-conversion efficiency of obese Zucker rats, in part by increasing resting metabolic rate and fatty acid oxidation [16].
  • After 0.4% DHEA was administered for 10 days to female obese Zucker rats aged 16 weeks, body weight and plasma insulin decreased and glucose disposal rate (GDR), which was normally reduced in obese rats, rose significantly compared with age- and sex-matched control obese rats [17].
  • We suggest that defective regulation of PVN NE reflects and contributes to the development and/or maintenance of obesity in Zucker rats via central hypoactivity of the sympathetic system [18].
  • To assess GLUT4 and GLUT1 expression in genetic obesity, similar studies were carried out in 5- and 20-week-old lean and obese Zucker rats as well as in 20-week-old obese Zucker rats 36 h after streptozotocin injection to lower insulin levels [19].
  • To assess the role of insulin in developing obesity, diazoxide (DZ), an inhibitor of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion, was administered for 8 weeks to 7-week-old female Zucker rats in two concentrations, 50 mg/ (LD-DZ), and 100 mg/ (HD-DZ) [20].

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