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Tri-n-butyltin-induced change in cellular level of glutathione in rat thymocytes: a flow cytometric study.

Since some of organotins, accumulated in edible mollusks of aquatic environments, exert a variety of toxic actions on experimental animals, it causes concern for the health of humans. We examined the effects of tri-n-butyltin chloride (TBT) and other organotins (triethyltin chloride, trimethyltin chloride, triphenyltin chloride and tetrabutyltin) on cellular content of glutathione (GSH) in rat thymocytes using a flow cytometer to further characterize the toxicity of TBT. When the cells were incubated with TBT at concentrations of 3 nM or more for 15 min, the cellular content of GSH dose-dependently decreased. However, it completely or partly recovered until 180 min even in the continued presence of TBT. This recovery was temperature-sensitive, suggesting an involvement of metabolic process. The efficacy of TBT to decrease the cellular content of GSH was greater than those of other organotins. Results suggest that TBT and some organotins at environmentally relevant (nanomolar) concentrations significantly reduce the cellular content of GSH, suggesting that they increase the vulnerability to some biological and chemical insults.[1]


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