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cDNA expression array analysis of DNA repair genes in human glioma cells that lack or express DNA-PK.

M059J cells provide the only example of DNA-PKcs (now known as PRKDC) deficiency in a human cell line. M059K cells, derived from the same tumor specimen, express PRKDC protein and activity and, together with M059J, provide a useful model in which to study the role of DNA-PK in cellular responses to DNA-damaging agents. Because these cells are of tumor origin, we used Atlas human cancer cDNA expression arrays to investigate possible differential expression of other DNA repair genes in control and irradiated samples. cDNA array results indicated differential expression of 14 genes. Northern blotting confirmed relatively greater expression of replication factor C 37-kDa subunit mRNA in M059J cells compared to M059K cells and reduced expression of DNA ligase IV compared to ligase III in both cell lines independent of irradiation. These results suggest that other DNA repair proteins are altered in these cell lines and that repair mechanisms predicted from the study of normal tissues may be fundamentally altered in human cancer cells.[1]


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