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Sex- and tissue-specific expression of aspartic proteinases in Danio rerio (zebrafish).

Full-length zebrafish cDNAs encoding two aspartic proteinases were cloned and sequenced. One of the two cDNAs was a 1708 bp product with an open reading frame of 398 amino acid residues corresponding to a cathepsin D. The other was a 1383 bp product encoding a polypeptide chain of 416 amino acids homologous to nothepsin, an aspartic proteinase first identified by us in the liver of Antarctic Notothenioidei. Gene expression assessed by RT-PCR and northern blot hybridization of RNA from different tissues showed that the expression was tissue- and sex-specific. Whereas the cathepsin D gene was expressed in all the tissues examined independently of the sex, the nothepsin gene was expressed exclusively in female livers.[1]


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