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Centrosomes and the Scrambled protein coordinate microtubule-independent actin reorganization.

In Drosophila syncytial blastoderm embryos, centrosomes specify the position of actin-based interphase caps and mitotic furrows. Mutations in the scrambled locus prevent assembly of mitotic furrows, but do not block actin cap formation. The scrambled gene encodes a protein that localizes to the mitotic furrows and centrosomes. Sced localization, actin reorganization from caps into mitotic furrows, and centrosome-coordinated assembly of actin caps are not blocked by microtubule disruption. Our results indicate that centrosomes may coordinate assembly of cortical actin caps through a microtubule-independent mechanism, and that Scrambled mediates a second microtubule-independent process that drives mitotic furrow assembly.[1]


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