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Search, capture and signal: games microtubules and centrosomes play.

Accurate distribution of the chromosomes in dividing cells requires coupling of cellular polarity cues with both the orientation of the mitotic spindle and cell cycle progression. Work in budding yeast has demonstrated that cytoplasmic dynein and the kinesin Kip3p define redundant pathways that ensure proper spindle orientation. Furthermore, it has been shown that the Kip3p pathway components Kar9p and Bim1p (Yeb1p) form a complex that provides a molecular link between cortical polarity cues and spindle microtubules. Recently, other studies indicated that the cortical localization of Kar9p depends upon actin cables and Myo2p, a type V myosin. In addition, a BUB2-dependent cell cycle checkpoint has been described that inhibits the mitotic exit network and cytokinesis until proper centrosome position is achieved. Combined, these studies provide molecular insight into how cells link cellular polarity, spindle position and cell cycle progression.[1]


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