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Chromosome assignment of four plexin A genes (Plxna1, Plxna2, Plxna3, Plxna4) in mouse, rat, Syrian hamster and Chinese hamster.

We determined chromosome locations of four plexin A subfamily genes, Plxna1, Plxna2, Plxna3 and Plxna4, in four rodent species, mouse, rat, Syrian hamster and Chinese hamster, by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Plxna1, Plxna2, Plxna3 and Plxna4 were localized to Chr 6E2, 1H6, XB-C1 and 6B1 in mouse, Chr 4q34.1, 13q26-->q27, Xq37.1-->q37.2 and 4q21.3-->q22 in rat, Chr 8qb1.1-->qb1.3, 11qb8, Xpb8 and 5qb3.3 in Syrian hamster, and Chr 8q1.2, 5q3.7, Xp2.7 and 1q2.2-->q2.3 in Chinese hamster, respectively. All the mouse and rat plexin A genes were localized to chromosome regions where conserved homology has been identified among human, mouse and rat.[1]


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