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The LZTFL1 gene is a part of a transcriptional map covering 250 kb within the common eliminated region 1 (C3CER1) in 3p21.3.

Deletions on 3p have been described in a large number of human tumors, suggesting the presence of a tumor suppressor gene(s). Using the elimination test, we previously defined a 1-Mb segment from human 3p21.3 (C3CER1). Genomic sequencing allowed us to construct a transcription map covering 250 kb containing five genes. We have characterized a human leucine zipper containing gene, leucine zipper transcription factor-like 1 ( LZTFL1), and its mouse orthologue ( Lztfl1), which was also mapped to mouse chromosome 9F. The LZTFL1 gene has two transcript isoforms displaying alternative polyadenylation. We have localized the human orthologue of the yeast SAC1 (suppressor of actin) gene as well as characterized and mapped the mouse Sac1 gene. Furthermore, the XT3 gene was characterized, encoding a member of the Na(+)/Cl(-) neurotransmitter superfamily. It has been shown that the XT3 gene had an alternatively spliced brain-specific isoform, predicted to remove 1 of 12 putative transmembrane domains. The transcription map also includes the CC chemokine receptor 9 gene (CCR9) and the LIM domain containing gene 1 (LIMD1). This work partially defines the gene content of C3CER1 that is a prerequisite for delineation of its role in tumorigenesis.[1]


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