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Gene Review

C3CER1  -  chromosome 3 common eliminated region 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CER1
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Disease relevance of C3CER1

  • The proportion of tumors with C3CER1 deletions was high in all tumor types investigated, ranging from 70% to 94%, except for the soft-tissue sarcomas (40%) [1].
  • Because it was found that similar regions were eliminated in an inter- and intraspecies system and in two tumor types (mouse fibrosarcoma and human renal cell carcinoma), we hypothesized that the importance of C3CER1 would transgress tissue specificity, that is, it could occur in tumors derived from multiple tissues [1].
  • Based on a new analysis of the microcell hybrid-derived panel of SCID tumours we also redefined the centromeric border of the C3CER1 [2].

High impact information on C3CER1


Biological context of C3CER1


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