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The human TINF2 gene organisation and chromosomal localization.

Telomeres have emerged as possible targets for cancer therapy. In order to effectively pursuit them, we need to understand how the genes that control telomere length are regulated. TIN2, the protein product of the human TINF2 gene, was recently identified as a negative regulator of telomere length. Here I report the organisation and chromosomal localization of the TINF2 gene. It contains six exons spanning over 1912 bp of genomic DNA. Consistent with the finding that a wide variety of human tissues expresses low endogenous levels of TINF2, its proximal promoter region has the typical features of a housekeeping gene. It lacks a canonical TATA box but exhibits several GC boxes, which are potential binding sites for ubiquitous transcription factors like NF kappa B and Sp1.[1]


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