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Determination of clenbuterol in bovine liver by combining matrix solid-phase dispersion and molecular imprinted solid-phase extraction followed by liquid chromatography/electrospray ion trap multiple-stage mass spectrometry.

Matrix solid-phase dispersion (MSPD) is a new sample pretreatment for solid samples. This technique greatly simplifies sample pretreatment but, nonetheless, the extracts often still require an extra cleanup step that is both laborious and time-consuming. The potential of combining MSPD with molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction (MISPE) was investigated in this study. Liver samples were ground in a mortar with C18 sorbent and the homogenized mixture packed into an SPE cartridge and placed on top of a MISPE cartridge. Subsequently, clenbuterol was eluted from the MSPD cartridge onto the MISPE cartridge using acetonitrile containing 1% acetic acid. The ability of the molecularly imprinted polymer to selectively adsorb analyte in acetonitrile was exploited for re-extracting clenbuterol directly from this acetonitrile extract via the double cartridge tandem system. The analyte was eluted from the MISPE cartridge using acidified methanol. A clear eluate was obtained, which was subsequently evaporated, redissolved, and analyzed by HPLC electrochemical detection (ECD) or ion trap mass spectrometry (LC/IT-MS). The MISPE cartridge used in this study was imprinted using bromoclenbuterol, a structural analogue of clenbuterol, as the template. These MISPE cartridges showed excellent stability. The complete extraction procedure was rapid, and recoveries exceeded 90% for the target analyte. The method detection limit for the LC/IT-MS procedure was < 0.1 microg/kg. This method, therefore, satisfies the stringent requirements of European Union regulation EEC 2377/90.[1]


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