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Arginine form of p21 gene codon 31 is less prominent in patients with calcium oxalate stone.

The formation of urinary stones is associated with cell death in response to various injuries. P21 (WAF1/CIP1) is a downstream protein of P53 and can arrest the cell cycle at G1/S with resulting cell death. We aimed to investigate the polymorphism of p2 gene codon 31 as the genetic marker in searching for the association of urolithiasis. One hundred and nineteen healthy controls and 95 patients with calcium oxalate stone were examined in this study. The polymorphism was seen from the result of polymerase chain reaction-based restriction analysis. The result revealed significant differences between normal individuals and stone patients (P < 0.05) and the distribution of arginine homozygote in the control group (31.9%) was higher than in the patient group (16.8%). It is concluded that polymorphisms of p21 codon 31 can be a genetic marker for urinary stone disease. Individuals possessing arginine form of p21 codon 31 have less risk of developing calcium stone disease.[1]


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