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Cutting edge: Ly49A inhibits TCR/CD3- induced apoptosis and IL-2 secretion.

To evaluate the importance of Ly49A on TCR-induced cellular events, we established clones of the 1F2 T cell hybridoma expressing either Ly49A or a chimeric version, Ly49A/H, where the Ly49A cytoplasmic domain has been replaced by the Ly49H cytoplasmic domain. Ligation of Ly49A, but not Ly49A/H, with its ligand H-2D(d) or anti-Ly49A mAbs caused a specific inhibition of TCR/CD3- induced IL-2 secretion. Moreover, flow cytometry analysis of hypodiploid DNA and annexin V binding revealed that ligation of Ly49A protected cells from apoptosis induced by anti-CD3 mAbs or Ag. In contrast, ligation of the Ly49A/H chimeric receptor had no antiapoptotic effect. In addition, engagement of Ly49A selectively inhibited TCR- induced Fas ligand expression whereas TCR- induced Fas expression was not significantly affected. Expression of Ly49 inhibitory receptors on T cells may represent an important mechanism for the regulation of T cell survival in vivo by inhibiting TCR- induced apoptosis and IL-2 secretion.[1]


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