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Deficiency of tissue factor pathway inhibitor promotes atherosclerosis and thrombosis in mice.

BACKGROUND: Tissue factor initiates blood coagulation after atherosclerotic plaque disruption. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) inhibits tissue factor activity and may reduce thrombus formation in this setting. We evaluated the effect of heterozygous TFPI deficiency on the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis in atherosclerosis-prone mice. METHODS AND RESULTS: Mice with a combined heterozygous TFPI deficiency and homozygous apolipoprotein E deficiency (TFPI(+/-)/apoE(-/-)) were generated by crossbreeding, and they were analyzed for atherosclerosis throughout the vascular tree. Compared with mice with a normal TFPI genotype (TFPI(+/+)/apoE(-/-)), mice with a TFPI deficiency exhibited a greater atherosclerotic burden involving the carotid and common iliac arteries. Staining for active tissue factor within the plaque revealed more activity in TFPI(+/-)/apoE(-/-) mice compared with TFPI(+/+)/apoE(-/-) mice. Consistent with increased plaque tissue factor activity, the time to occlusive thrombosis after photochemical carotid plaque injury was significantly decreased in TFPI(+/-)/apoE(-/-) mice. CONCLUSIONS: These observations indicate that TFPI protects from atherosclerosis and is an important regulator of the thrombosis that occurs in the setting of atherosclerosis.[1]


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