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Use of ion chromatography with post-column reaction for the measurement of tribromide to evaluate bromate levels in drinking water.

A user-friendly ion chromatography method in conjunction with a post-column reaction (PCR) achieves practical quantitation limits for the oxyhalides bromate and chlorite of 0.05 microg/l and 0.10 microg/l, respectively. This level of measurement allows for the accurate assessment of bromate contributed to finished drinking waters that have been chlorinated using sodium hypochlorite. The target sensitivity of oxyhalides in the presence of other major ion species typically found in drinking water is achieved by PCR using excess bromide under acidic conditions to form a tribromide species that is detected by ultraviolet spectrometry. The method setup involves non-hazardous materials, as opposed to other recently developed methods that employ somewhat hazardous chemicals for generating the reaction necessary for the detection of bromate at sub-microg/l levels. No pretreatment of the samples is required, other than filtration and quenching of oxidant residual.[1]


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