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Short stature in a mother and daughter caused by familial der(X)t(X;X)(p22.1-3;q26).

Deletions of the terminal Xp regions, including the short-stature homeobox (SHOX) gene, were described in families with hereditary Turner syndrome and Léri-Weill syndrome. We report on a 10-2/12-year-old girl and her 37-year-old mother with short stature and no other phenotypic symptoms. In the daugther, additional chromosome material was detected in the pseudoautosomal region of one X chromosome (46,X,add(Xp.22.3)) by chromosome banding analysis. The elongation of the X chromosome consisted of Giemsa dark and bright bands with a length one-fifth of the size of Xp. The karyotype of the mother demonstrated chromosome mosaicism with three cell lines (46,X,add(X)(p22.3) [89]; 45,X [8]; and 47,X,add(X)(p22.3), add(X)(p22.3) [2]). In both daughter and mother, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), together with data from G banding, identified the breakpoints in Xp22.1-3 and Xq26, resulting in a partial trisomy of the terminal region of Xq (Xq26-qter) and a monosomy of the pseudoautosomal region (Xp22.3) with the SHOX gene and the proximal region Xp22.1-3, including the steroidsulfatase gene (STS) and the Kallmann syndrome region. The derivative X chromosome was defined as ish.der(X)t(X;X)(p22.1-3;q26)(yWXD2540-, F20cos-, STS-, 60C10-, 959D10-, 2771+, cos9++). In daughter and mother, the monosomy of region Xp22.1-3 is compatible with fertility and does not cause any other somatic stigmata of the Turner syndrome or Léri-Weill syndrome, except for short stature due to monosomy of the SHOX gene.[1]


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