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Pancreatic fate of D-[3H] mannoheptulose.

D-Mannoheptulose was recently postulated to be transported into cells by GLUT2. The validity of such an hypothesis was assessed by comparing the uptake of tritiated D-mannoheptulose by pancreatic islets versus pieces of pancreas and, in the latter case, by comparing results obtained in control rats versus animals injected with streptozotocin (STZ). The uptake of D-[3H] mannoheptulose by islets represents a time-related and temperature-sensitive process, inhibited by cytochalasin B and enhanced by D-glucose. The uptake of the tritiated heptose was much lower in pieces of pancreatic tissue and inhibited by D-glucose, at least in the STZ rats. Whether in pieces of pancreas exposed in vitro to D-[3H] mannoheptulose or after intravenous injection of the tritiated heptose, the radioactive content of the pancreatic tissue was lower in STZ rats than in control animals. This contrasted with an unaltered radioactive content of liver and muscle in the STZ rats, at least when treated with insulin. Suitably radiolabelled D-mannoheptulose or an analogue of the heptose could thus conceivably be used for quantification of the endocrine pancreatic mass.[1]


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