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Vasopressin into the preoptic area increases grooming behavior in mice.

In mice, the neuropeptide arginine-8-vasopressin (AVP) induces excessive grooming, scratching, and hyperactivity when administered intracerebroventricularly. In hamsters, AVP infusion into the medial preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus (MPOA/AH) increases flank marking and flank mark grooming. We measured the behavioral effects of administration of AVP (0, 1, and 10 ng/250 nl) into the preoptic area (POA) of male C57BL/6 mice. Administration of AVP into the POA induced robust effects on grooming, including increased hindleg scratching and face washing. Rearing and olfactory investigation were inhibited by AVP into the POA. These findings indicate that the POA is one site in which AVP induces grooming behavior in mice.[1]


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