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Inhibition of bile salt absorption by blood-sugar lowering biguanides.

The effect of blood sugar lowering biguanides (phenethyl-, butyl- and dimethylbiguanide) upon jejunal and ileal transport of bile salts (tauro- and glycocholate) was tested in rat small intestine by an in vitro technique. Giguanides inhibited active transport of bile salts in the ileum, but did not affect diffusional absorption of bile salts in the jejunum. The inhibitory effect was time-dependent and not reversible under in vitro incubation conditions, suggesting that biguanides must enter intestinal mucosal cells in order to exert their inhibitory action on active transport of glucose analogues, amino acids, clacium and bile salts. Since biguanides achieve high tissue concentrations in the small intestine even after parenteral administration, inhibition of ileal bile salt reabsorption by biguanides could possibly explain the lipid- and cholesterol-lowering effect of these oral antidiabetic drugs.[1]


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