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Protein kinase Dyrk1 activates cAMP response element-binding protein during neuronal differentiation in hippocampal progenitor cells.

Dyrk is a dual specific protein kinase thought to be involved in normal embryo neurogenesis and brain development. Defects/imperfections in this kinase have been suggested to play an important role in the mental retardation of patients with Down's syndrome. The transcriptional factor cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) has been implicated in the formation of many types of synaptic plasticity, such as learning and memory. In the present study we show that Dyrk1 activity is markedly induced during the differentiation of immortalized hippocampal progenitor (H19-7) cells. The addition of a neurogenic factor, basic fibroblast growth factor, to the H19-7 cells results in an increased specific binding of Dyrk1 to active CREB. In addition, Dyrk1 directly phosphorylates CREB, leading to the stimulation of subsequent CRE-mediated gene transcription during the neuronal differentiation in H19-7 cells. Blockade of Dyrk1 activation significantly inhibits the neurite outgrowth as well as CREB phosphorylation induced by basic fibroblast growth factor. These findings suggest that Dyrk1 activation and subsequent CREB phosphorylation is important in the neuronal differentiation of central nervous system hippocampal cells.[1]


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