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Characterization of a cytokinesis defective (cyd1) mutant of Arabidopsis.

Although several mutations and genes affecting plant cytokinesis have been identified, mutant screens are not yet saturated and knowledge about gene function is still limited. A novel Arabidopsis mutation, cytokinesis defective1 (cyd1), was identified by partial or missing cell walls in stomata. Stomata with incomplete or no cytokinesis still differentiate and some contain swellings of the outer wall not found in the wild type. The incomplete walls are correctly placed opposite stomatal wall thickenings suggesting that the mutation interferes with the execution of cytokinesis rather than with the placement of the division site. Cytokinesis defects are also detectable in other cell types throughout the plant, defects which include cell wall protrusions, two or more nuclei in one cell, and reduced cell number. The extent of cytokinetic partitioning correlates with nuclear number in abnormal stomata. Many cyd1 epidermal cells, stomata and pollen are larger, and trichomes have more branches. cyd1 is partially lethal with poor seed set and some defective ovules, but many plants are fertile despite abnormalities in vegetative and reproductive development such as missing, reduced, fused or misshapen leaves and floral organs. cyd1 appears to be the only cytokinesis mutant described where defects are known to occur in both mature vegetative and reproductive organs. Thus, the CYD1 gene product appears to be necessary for the execution of cytokinesis throughout the shoot. The examination of stomata by microscopy may be a useful screen for the directed isolation of additional cytokinesis mutations that are not embryo or seedling lethal[1]


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