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Adenovirus-mediated transfection of caspase-8 augments anoikis and inhibits peritoneal dissemination of human gastric carcinoma cells.

Caspase-8 is a member of the cysteine protease family that modulates apoptosis induced by a variety of cell death signals and has recently been found to be activated during the process of anoikis, which is a form of apoptosis caused by loss of anchorage in epithelial cells. We previously demonstrated that the inhibition of anoikis promotes peritoneal dissemination of human gastric carcinoma MKN45 cells, which are anchorage dependent. This suggests that augmentation of anoikis may suppress dissemination of carcinoma cells. To determine whether extrinsic overexpression of caspase-8 can augment anoikis in MKN45 cells, we transfected them with the caspase-8 gene using an adenoviral (Adv) vector (Adv-caspase-8). Here we demonstrate that Adv-caspase-8 infection, at 15 multiplicity of infection (MOI), can augment anoikis in MKN45 cells and suppresses MKN45 peritoneal dissemination in SCID mice. The inhibitory effect on peritoneal dissemination resulted in a prolonged survival compared with that in control mice. In contrast, the Adv-caspase-8 (15 MOI) had no distinct effect on cell viability or growth either of attached MKN45 cells or of s.c. tumor growth in SCID mice. Thus, Adv-mediated overexpression of caspase-8 suppressed peritoneal dissemination mainly through augmentation of anoikis. In addition, Adv-caspase-8-mediated augmentation of anoikis was similarly observed in another gastric carcinoma MKN74 cell line. In contrast, Adv-p53 could not augment anoikis in MKN45 cells. These results imply that Adv-mediated gene transfer of caspase-8 can selectively induce apoptosis in detached carcinoma cells and, thus, shows potential as a novel cancer therapy against dissemination of gastric and probably other carcinoma cells originating from epithelial tissues.[1]


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