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Detection of calcium and calmodulin during spermiogenesis of phytophagous bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae).

The ultrastructural detection of calcium using pyroantimonate, and the immunocytochemical localization of calmodulin using monoclonal antibody were carried out during the spermiogenesis of phytophagous bugs. The presence of calcium was observed on the Golgi apparatus during the initial phases of spermiogenesis. In the other stages the calcium was observed in association with the nucleus and in some regions of acrosome. Indeed, it was detected surrounding the mitochondrial derivatives and specific axonemal microtubules on the tail region. The immunocytochemical detection of calmodulin showed the presence of this protein approximately in the same regions where the calcium was detected, indicating that calcium and calmodulin could work together during spermiogenesis of this phytophagous bugs, suggesting their involvement on the regulation of flagellar beating, nuclear compactation and acrosome formation.[1]


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