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Chemical Compound Review

Pyroantimonate     antimony heptahydrate

Synonyms: AC1O3SSU, 23601-23-2, Antimonate (Sb2O74-), 38668-35-8 (dihydride), 14104-34-8 (di-K salt), ...
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Disease relevance of Pyroantimonate

  • Many neutrophilic cells from patients with myelofibrosis and myelomonocytic leukemia and from one patient in severe blast crisis had large surface deposits of pyroantimonate considered to reflect increased membrane-associated reactive cation [1].
  • Limited binding of pyroantimonate to the plasma membrane of the leukemic cell series in four patients with CML contrasted with that of the normal granulocytic cell series and the neutrophilic cells seen in myelomonocytic leukemia (two patients), myelofibrosis (one patient), and acute myelocytic leukemia (three patients) [1].
  • In liver tissue fixed with potassium pyroantimonate, more inorganic cation precipitation occurs in nucleic of hyperbasophilic foci and hepatomas than within surrounding liver parenchyma [2].
  • We have recently demonstrated microvacuolation of neurons, mitochondrial swelling (the electron microscopic correlate of microvacuolization) and massive mitochondrial calcium sequestration (using the pyroantimonate technique) following ischaemia or status epilepticus [3].
  • We present evidence for morphological changes within 15 min of injury where aggregates of pyroantimonate precipitate occur in nodal blebs at nodes of Ranvier, in focal swellings within axonal mitochondria, and at localized sites of separation of myelin lamellae [4].

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