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Expression profiling of sulfotransferases in human cell lines derived from extra-hepatic tissues.

To explore the physiological roles of sulfotransferases (SULTs) in extra-hepatic tissues, we examined the expression of eight SULT genes by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR in human cell lines that were established from various tissues. Expression levels of SULTs were low in neural cell lines such as NB-1 and GI-1, and high in epithelial cell lines, such as Caco-2 and BeWo. SULT1C2 expression was abundant in all cell types, whereas that of SULT1E1, SULTIBI or SULT2B1 was restricted to a specific cell type. SULT1C1, which can catalyze the sulfation of N-hydroxy-2-acetylaminofluorene, was expressed in Caco-2, BeWo and KB562. Induction of differentiation did not generally affect SULT expression, although that of SULT1C2 was reduced after differentiation of the neuroblastoma cell line, NB-1, was induced. The profile of SULT expression in the culture cells obtained here gives clues to understanding the physiological roles of SULT enzymes in extra-hepatic tissues or organs.[1]


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