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Cloning, pharmacology, and tissue distribution of G-protein-coupled receptor GPR105 (KIAA0001) rodent orthologs.

It has recently been shown that UDP-glucose is a potent agonist of the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor ( GPCR) KIAA0001. Here we report cloning and analysis of the rat and mouse orthologs of this receptor. In accordance with GPCR nomenclature, we have renamed the cDNA clone, KIAA0001, and its orthologs GPR105 to reflect their functionality as G-protein-coupled receptors. The rat and mouse orthologs show 80% and 83% amino acid identity, respectively, to the human GPR105 protein. We demonstrate by genomic Southern blot analysis that there are no genes in the mouse or rat genomes with higher sequence similarity. Chromosomal mapping shows that the mouse and human genes are located on syntenic regions of chromosome 3. Further analyses of the rat and mouse GPR105 proteins show that they are activated by the same agonists as the human receptor, responding to UDP-glucose and closely related molecules with similar affinities. The mouse and rat receptors are widely expressed, as is the human receptor. Thus we conclude that we have identified the rat and mouse orthologs of the human gene GPR105.[1]


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