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Successful pregnancy in a woman with ovarian failure associated with mutation in the beta-subunit of luteinizing hormone.

BACKGROUND: We report a successful pregnancy in a woman with severe ovarian dysfunction and infertility associated with a variant beta-subunit of luteinizing hormone (LH). METHOD/OUTCOME: A 35-year-old woman consulted our unit for infertility. Laparoscopy and ultrasonography showed obstruction of the right tube and ovulation from the right ovary only. Human menopausal gonadotrophin (hMG) therapy was used for six subsequent cycles, but did not result in conception. Subsequently, marked elevation of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and testosterone, together with polycystic ovary (PCO) were noted. The patient failed to respond to ovarian stimulation by hMG. Severe ovarian dysfunction such as premature ovarian failure ( POF) was strongly suspected. Sequence analysis of the LH beta-subunit gene indicated heterozygosity for point mutations Trp(8) to Arg(8) and Ile(15) to Thr(15) in the coding sequence. LH hypersecretion resembling that seen in PCO syndrome was observed. Induction of ovulation by hMG was successful in the first cycle in which the basal LH and FSH were well controlled with gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analog following estrogen-progesterone replacement. She conceived and delivered a healthy male infant at term. CONCLUSION: Clinicians should be clinically aware of patients with immunologically anomalous LH variant who might be at risk of developing ovarian failure within a relatively short time span. Pertinent treatment should be applied without delay in such cases.[1]


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