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Portal tract eosinophils and hepatocyte cytokeratin 7 immunoreactivity helps distinguish early-stage, mildly active primary biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis.

We studied nondiagnostic liver biopsy specimens from 20 patients with definite primary biliary cirrhosis ( PBC) and 18 with definite autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) to identify distinguishing features. All patients had early-stage disease; biopsy specimens were devoid of granulomas or diagnostic features of PBC or AIH. Diagnoses were based on serologic and clinical variables. Sixteen specimens from each group were immunostained with cytokeratin 7. The density of portal tract eosinophils and number with cytokeratin 7-reactive periportal hepatocytes were quantified. Sixteen of 18 patients with AIH and 13 of 20 with PBC had no or minimal bile duct injury. Histologic activity index scores were 5.8 in AIH and 5.7 in PBC. The mean portal eosinophil score was greater in PBC than in AIH. Cytokeratin 7 identified many central bile ducts that were obscured by portal inflammation. The mean periportal cytokeratin 7-reactive hepatocyte score was greater in PBC than in AIH. Portal eosinophils and cytokeratin 7 reactivity in periportal hepatocytes are supportive of PBC rather than AIH. No morphologic features were supportive of AIH. Cytokeratin 7 reactivity in periportal hepatocytes may be an early response to PBC-induced biliary obstruction in other regions of the liver.[1]


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