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Malignant triton tumor of the nasal cavity.

BACKGROUND: Malignant triton tumor is usually an aggressive sarcoma consisting of a malignant schwannoma with rhabdomyoblastic differentiation. However, malignant triton tumor of the nasal cavity is very rare. METHODS: A case report of a 38-year-old woman with polypoid mass, which bled easily in the right nasal cavity, and nasal obstruction is presented with a review of the literature pertaining to this unusual case. RESULTS: The malignant triton tumor was treated with wide surgical excision followed by radiation therapy. Histopathological diagnosis of the malignant triton tumor was made on the surgical specimen. The patient's postoperative course was unremarkable, and follow-up at 5 years reveals no evidence of disease. CONCLUSIONS: A malignant triton tumor in the nasal cavity is a rare disease. Head and neck surgeons should recognize the possibility of malignant triton tumor occurring in the nasal cavity.[1]


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