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Deficiency of SP-B reveals protective role of SP-C during oxygen lung injury.

Although the surface properties of surfactant protein (SP)-B and SP-C are similar, the contributions that either protein may make to lung function have not been identified in vivo. Mutations in SP-B cause lethal respiratory failure at birth; however, SP-B null mice are deficient in both SP-B and SP-C. To identify potential contributions of SP-C to lung function in vivo, the following transgenic mice were generated and exposed to 95% O(2) for 3 days: (SP-B(+/+),SP-C(+/+)), (SP-B(+/+), SP-C(-/-)), (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(+/+)), (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(+/-)), and (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(-/-)). Hyperoxia altered pressure-volume curves in mice that were heterozygous for SP-B, and these values were further decreased in (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(-/-)) mice. Likewise, alveolar interleukin (IL)-6 and IL-1 beta were maximally increased by O(2) exposure of (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(-/-)) mice compared with the other genotypes. Lung hysteresivity was lower in the (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(-/-)) mice. Surfactant isolated from (SP-B(+/+),SP-C(-/-)) and (SP-B(+/-),SP-C(-/-)) mice failed to stabilize the surface tension of microbubbles, showing that SP-C plays a role in stabilization or recruitment of phospholipid films at low bubble radius. Genetically decreased levels of SP-B combined with superimposed O(2)- induced injury reveals the distinct contribution of SP-C to pulmonary function in vivo.[1]


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