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TSG101 expression in gynecological tumors: relationship to cyclin D1, cyclin E, p53 and p16 proteins.

Recent studies have shown that in vitro steady-state expression of the tumor susceptibility gene TSG101 is important for maintenance of genomic stability and cell cycle regulation. To determine the contribution of TSG101 expression in neoplastic formation, expression of TSG101 protein levels were evaluated in primary ovarian and endometrial adenocarcinoma tumors. Expression of TSG101 was also examined in various tumor cell lines (PA-1, AN3CA, HeLa, HS578T, HCT116). Full-length TSG101 protein was detected in these tumors and cell lines indicating that intragenic deletions were not characteristic of TSG101. In addition, TSG101 protein levels were compared with aberrations of prominent cell cycle regulatory molecules such as cyclin D1, cyclin E, p16 and p53. Reduced TSG101 protein was observed in 36% (8/22) of ovarian and 17% (1/6) of endometrial adenocarcinoma. Aberrant levels of p53, p16, cyclin D or E were comparable to published studies indicating that the clinicopathological distribution of these cases did not favor advanced stage tumors. Altogether, these findings suggest that a down-regulation of TSG101 is associated with tumorigenesis in a subgroup of gynecological tumors.[1]


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